This page contains a chart with links to the descendants of the William Warner who married Elizabeth White in Howden, Yorkshire on October 20, 1776.

They were the parents of the William Warner who married Hannah Benson (probably in Howden, date unknown) and the grandparents of his son, William, who married Sarah Leitch in Quebec City on July 31, 1832.*

  • Generation 1 is William and Elizabeth (who stayed behind in Yorkshire)
  • Generation 2 is their children (including the William who married Hannah and then came to Canada)
  • Generation 3 is their grandchildren (including the Willliam who came to Canada with his parents and then married Sarah)
  • Generation 4 is their great grandchildren (including my great great grandfather James Warner, born in Montreal and raised in Toronto)
  • Generation 5 is their great great grandchildren (including my great grandfather, Harry Warner)
  • Generation 6 is their three times great grandchildren (including my grandfather, Harley Warner)
  • Generation 7 is their four times great grandchildren (including my father, Joe Warner)**
  • Generation 8 is their five times great grandchildren (including me)**
  • Generation 9 is their six times great grandchildren (including my children)
  • Generation 10 is their seven times great grandchildren (including my grandchildren)
  • Generation 11 is their eight times great grandchildren***

* Although the website treats William Warner (1808–1845) and Sarah Leitch (about 1805-1893) as the central and founding couple of this branch of the Warner family, this table begins its numbering with William’s grandparents as Generation 1. That way, the table can include our more distant cousins.

** Only a few members of Generation 7 are living. Most of the members of Generations 8 and later are still living. For privacy reasons, living family members are identified only by their initials in this table.

*** To the best of my knowledge, only two descendants have been born, so far, into Generation 11: two amazingly beautiful children who live in Massachusetts.

Each descendant of William and Elizabeth is shown with his or her generation number. Spouses or partners of descendants are identified with “+”.

Living individuals are identified by their initials. For privacy reasons, only registered family members and friends can access their information.

DNA Match” means that the person has done a DNA test and shares DNA sequences with me or my late father. This confirms the accuracy of their place (and that of their ancestors) on the family tree. For an explanation of these DNA matches, please read this post.

DNA Connection” means that the person is in a direct line between a DNA Match and my father and me. “DNA Ancestor” means that the person is a direct ancestor of mine and has been confirmed by matching my DNA or my father’s with that of another descendant of the person.

This chart is under construction. More family members will be added as time permits.