Wife of my great granduncle (wife of my great great uncle)

Elizabeth Clark, was the daughter of James Clark and his wife Jane. She was born in Toronto in September or October of 1857.

She married William James Warner in Toronto on March 10, 1877. For information about their family, please see his page.

Elizabeth died in childbirth, in New Hamburg, Ontario on March 7, 1892, at the age of 34. She had been in labour for three days and the baby, a girl, was stillborn.

Mother and child were buried together in the Warner family plot at the Toronto Necropolis Cemetery on March 9, 1892.

You can visit her grave (virtually) here.


Elizabeth usually went by the nickname “Lizzie.” She appears as “Eliza” on her wedding record and in the 1871 census.

The 1871 census shows a 13-year-old Eliza Clark living in Toronto’s St. James Ward and working as a servant in the household of a printer named William John Park. If this teenager is indeed William Warner’s future wife, that might explain how they met (given that William’s father was also a printer).