My paternal great grandmother

As far as I know, this is the only photo that exists of my great grandmother, Mary Jane Harber. It is in the possession of a living Penelton cousin, the son of Glenora Ruby Warner.

Mary Jane was the daughter of John Harber (1845 – 1919) and Annie Eliza Blair (1849 – 1932). She was born in Longford Mills in Simcoe County, Ontario, on May 22, 1875.

She married Harold Rix “Harry” Warner in Orillia, Ontario on April 15, 1897. She was twenty-one. He was twenty-three. For more information about their family, please see his page.

Mary Jane died in Toronto on March 10, 1942 and was buried in Saint John’s Norway Cemetery.

You can visit her grave (virtually) here.