Wife of my great granduncle (great great uncle)

Grace J. Taylor was the daughter of Arthur Taylor (1856–1937) and his wife Cinderella Mikel (1847–1935). She was born in Belleville, Ontario on April 19, 1879.

Grace married Thomas Benson Warner in Manhattan on August 30, 1902. For more information, please refer to his page.

After Thomas’s death in 1908, she married again three times.

She married Arthur Emerson Amsden, also in Manhattan, on August 1, 1912.

She married Edward Fletcher, also in Manhattan, on April 20, 1920.

She married Alfred Benjamin Webb in Toronto on October 8, 1934.

We don’t know when Grace died, We do know that she was living in Toronto, at the age of 69, at the time her fourth husband Alfred died on June 16, 1948.