Seventh Generation: Gladys Mabel Warner < William Robert Warner < William James Warner < James Warner < William Warner< William Warner < William Warner

My 2nd cousin once removed

Gladys Warner was the daughter of William Robert Warner and Lillian Rose Hamlin. She was born in Michigan, probably in Detroit, on August 6, 1907.

She married Alan Rea Pfaff in Detroit on October 26, 1929. They later divorced.

She married Bennie Kushner in Detroit on September 26, 1936.

They had one child:

  1. DWK (living)

Gladys died in Gaylord, Michigan on January 17, 1990, at the age of 82.

Gladys Warner Kushner — enhanced version from a photo provided by Jeanne Kohutanycz (click to enlarge)
Original version of the above photo