Husband of my aunt

Bob was the son of John Stewart McTavish (1891 – 1968) and Edith Mary Cameron Rowan (1901 – 1954) of Newmarket, Ontario. He was born in Newmarket on October 25, 1923.

He married Helen Elizabeth “Betty” Warner in the mid-1950s. For more about their family, please see her page.

Bob died in Oakville, Ontario on March 6, 2001 and was buried in St. Jude’s Cemetery in Oakville, next to his beloved Betty.

You can visit his grave (virtually) here.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Bob McTavish on his daughter Karen’s wedding day in 1997 (photo credit: Ruth Warner)
Bob (centre) with brothers-in-law Joe Warner (left) and Harley Warner (right), Christmas 1974