Fifth Generation: James Warner Williams < Hannah Maria Warner < William Warner < William Warner < William Warner

My 1st cousin 3 times removed

James Warner Williams was the son of Hannah Maria Warner and Thomas Robert Williams. He was born in Toronto on October 24, probably in 1865.*

He married Florence T. Farrell in Hamilton, Ontario. It appears that they had children.**

James died in Toronto on February 4, 1933, at the age of 67. He was buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.


* James’s birthday is October 24, but the records give conflicting information about the year of his birth: it is either 1863 or 1865.

Here is the evidence suggesting that 1865 is correct:

  • The 1871 census says he was 6 in that year (the earliest record we have; information provided by his mother or father);
  • His marriage record says he was 26 in 1891 (information provided by him);
  • His death record gives his date of birth as October 24, 1865 (information supplied by his widow, Florence);
  • His burial record says that he was 68 in 1933 (information likely also supplied by Florence);

Here is the evidence suggesting that 1863 is correct:

  • The 1881 census says he was 18 in that year (information probably provided by his father);
  • The 1901 census gives his date of birth as October 24, 1863 (information provided by him or his wife, Florence);
  • The inscription on his gravestone says he was born in 1863.

** Here is the evidence suggesting that James and Florence had no children:

  • The 1901 census, taken when they had been married for ten years, shows no children present in their home.
  • Birth registration had become routine in Ontario by the 1890s, but no record has been found for any child.
  • Florence’s obituary (Toronto Star, January 9, 1945, p. 20) makes no mention of any children.


Williams/Fawcett Family Grave, Mount Pleasant Cemetery (photo credit: Paul Warner, 2014)