Sixth Generation: James Waldon Fawcett < Sarah Ann Williams < Hannah Maria Warner < William Warner < William Warner < William Warner

My 2nd cousin twice removed

James Waldon Fawcett was the son of Sarah Ann Williams and George Rawes Fawcett. He was born in Toronto on May 23, 1901.

He married Harriet M. Hayner in Detroit on September 15, 1943. He was 42 and she was 29. He was her fifth husband. They had no children and were divorced in Wayne County, Michigan, probably in Detroit, on April 23, 1946.*

He married Irma Pauline Stanfill in Henry County, Ohio on October 30, 1950. He was 49 and she was 32. He was her third husband. I have, so far, found no evidence that James and Irma had children.

James died in Detroit on July 10, 1984.


* Here is the evidence that James and Harriet had no children. At the time of the 1950 US census, four years after their divorce, James was living in a boarding house in Detroit and Harriet was living with her sixth husband in Chicago. The census shows no children living with either of them.