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My father

Joe was the son of Harold Harber “Harley” Warner and Helen Fredrica Price. He was born in Toronto on November 11, 1926 and named after his maternal grandfather, Joseph Price.

Joe had two siblings:

  1. Helen Elizabeth “Betty” Warner
  2. Harley Cecil Warner

He married Lorraine Alice Jane Parker on May 28, 1949 at St. Aidan’s Church in Toronto. He was 22. She was 21.

They had two children, both of whom are living:

  1. POW (living)
  2. SJW (living)

Lorraine died in 1998 and Joe married Florence “Skip” Lehman a few years later.

Joe died in Toronto on July 21, 2017. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered at the family property near Markdale, Ontario.

This video is a slideshow of photos taken throughout his life.

You can read his obituary here or here.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Joe (right), with his brother Harley
Joe (centre) with Betty and Harley
Joe (left) with sister Betty and brother Harley
Joe in uniform, 1945
Joe on his wedding day, May 28, 1949. Left to right: Lorraine’s mother Gwen and sister Jackie, Joe, Lorraine, Lorraine’s father Orville, and two bridesmaids.
Joe with his mother Helen, wife Lorraine, and a baby niece MHW (living), Christmas 1960
Joe and Lorraine on the wedding day of their POW (living), 1975
Joe (left) with brother-in-law Bob and brother Harley, Christmas 1974
Joe and his brother Harley in their late eighties (photo credit: Ruth Warner)
I believe this is his last photograph, taken with his great granddaughter, ASW (living), on June 24, 2017