About 1805–1893

Sarah married William Warner in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec City, on July 31, 1832. He was twenty-four and she was about twenty-seven.

For information about William and Sarah’s family together, please refer to his page.

When William died of tuberculosis in 1845, he left Sarah a widow and a single mother, at the age of about forty, with two small children, James (about eight) and Hannah (six). She remained that way for about three years, until she married her second husband, William Hudson, in Toronto on August 28, 1848.

Marriage of Sarah Warner and William Hudson (eighth entry on right-hand page)
Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; District Marriage Registers, 1801-1858; Reel: 2
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They had one child together:

  1. William Henry Hudson

It appears that Sarah was about five months pregnant at the time of the marriage. The wedding was at the end of August and baby William was born sometime in December or possibly early January.