My half 2nd great granduncle (half 3rd great uncle)

William Henry Hudson was the son of Sarah Leitch and her second husband, William Hudson. Sarah was my 3rd great grandmother and her first husband was William Warner, my 3rd great grandfather.

Little William was born in Toronto, probably in December 1848 but possibly in first few days of January 1849 (we know that he was seven months old when he died on August 4, 1849).

He was the half-brother of James Warner (my 2nd great grandfather) and Hannah Maria Warner, the then-surviving children of Sarah’s first marriage. Three other half-siblings — William Warner (1833–?), William B Warner (1843–1843) and Sarah Warner — had died before little William Hudson was born.

William died at the age of seven months, in Toronto, on August 4, 1849 and was buried the same day in the York General Burying Grounds (popularly known as the Potter’s Field Cemetery) at the corner of what is now Yonge Street and Bloor Street in downtown Toronto.

Burial Record of William Henry Hudson (burial number 3575, 12th line on the page)
Toronto Trust Cemeteries; Toronto, Canada; Cemetery: Potters’ Field Cemetery; Volume: 01; Year Range: 1826-1850
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The current location of William’s remains is unknown. The cemetery was closed in the 1850s and the bodies were exhumed and relocated to other cemeteries in the city. No record of William’s new resting place has been found.


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