Fifth Generation: Hannah Maria Warner < James Warner < William Warner< William Warner < William Warner

My great grandaunt (great great aunt)

Hannah was the fourth child and the second daughter of James Warner and Margaret Ann Quinn. She was born in Toronto on March 3, 1862.

She was named after her aunt, her father’s sister, who was also named Hannah Maria Warner.

Hannah married an Englishman named Charles Arter Larkin in Toronto on January 3, 1883. He was the son of her family’s next-door neighbour. She was twenty-one. He was twenty-six.

Immediately after the wedding, Hannah moved with Charles to Brandon, Manitoba, where he had a lumber business. The couple would live there for seventeen years. Four of their five children would be born there, before they moved back to Toronto.

Their children were:

  1. Muriel Larkin
  2. Leila Larkin
  3. Harley Warner Larkin
  4. Bessie Marguerite Larkin
  5. Dorrit Edith Larkin

Hannah died in Toronto on January 30, 1942 and was buried in Saint John’s Anglican Cemetery.

You can visit her grave (virtually) here.