My stepmother

“Skipper” or “Skip” (as she has been known all her life) is the daughter of Arthur A. Lehman (1900–1963) and Gertrude Levina Wideman (1901-1963). She was born on July 3, 1932.

She married John Wilson Wallis (1925–2004) in North Bay on February 10, 1955. They later divorced, after having three daughters:

  1. JW (living)
  2. GW (living)
  3. KW (living)

In 2000, Skip married Joseph Price “Joe” Warner. For more information about Joe and Skip, please refer to his page.

Skip died in Inglewood, Ontario on October 19, 2022. You can read her obituary here.

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Joe and Skip
Joe and Skip
Joe and Skip