Seventh Generation: James Bernard Pidd < Annie Elizabeth Levitt < Robert Levitt < Jane Mapplebeck < Mary Rook < Elizabeth Warner < William Warner

My 5th cousin once removed

James Bernard Pidd, who went by his middle name, Bernard, was the son of Annie Elizabeth Levitt and William Pidd. He was born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire on February 28, 1928.

He married JRMV (living) in Cleveland, Yorkshire on February 14, 1953 They had six children:

  1. CRP (living)
  2. DJP (living)
  3. CMP (living)
  4. IRP (living)
  5. DBP (living)
  6. JWP (living)

Bernard died in Melbourne, Australia on April 30, 2021.


Bernard took a DNA test with Ancestry and shares DNA sequences with my late father and me. Our shared ancestors are William Warner and Elizabeth White.