Wife of my great granduncle (wife of my 2nd great uncle)

Anna Elizabeth Otto was the daughter of Jonas Otto (1837–1891) and Mary Spahr (1841–1914). She was born in New Hamburg, Ontario on December 9, 1865. Records suggest that she went by “Eliza” or “Elizabeth” until her thirties, but used “Anna” later in life.

She married John O’Connor. They had one child:

  1. Ralph Ira O’Connor (Ralph Ira Warner)

Anna became the common-law wife of William James Warner in 1892. They were married in Windsor, Ontario on March 29, 1915.

For information about their family, please see his page.

L to R: Ralph Ira Warner, Anna Elizabeth Otto, Clara Uschwald, William James Warner Sr, on June 8, 1940, the day of Clara and William’s marriage (click to enlarge)


The photo above is in the possession of William James Warner Jr, great grandson of Anna Elizabeth Otto.