Fifth Generation: Ella Warner < James Warner < William Warner< William Warner < William Warner

Ella was the ninth child and the fifth daughter of James Warner and Margaret Ann Quinn. She was born in Toronto on September 21, 1872.

Ella had nine siblings:

  1. Martha Warner
  2. William James Warner
  3. Robert John Warner
  4. Hannah Maria Warner
  5. Thomas Benson “Tom” Warner
  6. Elizabeth “Daisy” Warner
  7. Sarah “Sadie” Warner
  8. Edward Warner
  9. Ella Warner
  10. Harold Rix “Harry” Warner

Ella married a young Methodist Minister named Isaac Norman in Toronto on June 18, 1902. She was twenty-nine. He was thirty-one. Right after the wedding, they moved to Quebec, where he would build his first church.

They had three children:

  1. Morley Warner Norman (who went by his middle name “Warner”)
  2. Ainsley Quinn Courage Norman
  3. Margaret Eleanor Norman

Ella died in 1960 and is buried in Arundel Public Cemetery in Arundel, Quebec.

You can visit her grave (virtually) here.


Ella with Warner (Morley Norman Warner)
Ella with Warner and Ainsley