Third Generation: Hannah Maria Warner < William WarnerWilliam Warner

My 3rd great grandaunt (great great great great aunt)

Hannah Maria Warner was the daughter of William Warner (1789-?) and Hannah Benson (about 1790-?). She was born in 1811 in the village of Howden, in Yorkshire, England, and given the name “Maria” when she baptized in Howden on September 6 of that year.*

She married John McIntosh in Montreal on March 10, 1834, where they lived until about 1848. By 1849, when their last child was born, they had moved to Hamilton, Ontario.

They had seven children:

  1. John McIntosh
  2. William McIntosh
  3. Hannah Elizabeth McIntosh
  4. Robert Alexander McIntosh
  5. Henry McIntosh
  6. Edward Benson McIntosh
  7. J. McIntosh


* It seems that Hannah Maria was very casual about the name (or names) she chose to be called by.

Her baptismal name was “Maria” and that is the name that appears on her marriage record (1834), on the marriage record of her son William (1859), and on the death record of her son, Edward (936). “Maria” also appears in her listing in the Hamilton City Directory for 1880.

But she was listed as “Hannah” in the Hamilton City Directory for 1875, and as “Hannah Maria” on Edward’s baptismal and marriage records (1847 and 1871).

Complicating things further, she was listed as “Ann Maria Warner” on her son Robert’s baptismal record (1842) and as “Ann M. McIntosh” on the 1881 census. My guess is that she told the priest and the census taker her name was “Hannah” but they misheard her because of her heavy Yorkshire accent. She couldn’t read or write (as evidenced by her having signed her son John’s baptismal record with her mark), so she wouldn’t have been able to set them right.