Fourth Generation: William B. Warner < William Warner < William Warner < William Warner

My 2nd great granduncle (great great great uncle)

William B. Warner was the son of William Warner and Sarah Leitch. He was born in Yorkville, Canada West (now part of Toronto) in the summer of 1842 (probably August).1

He died of consumption (tuberculosis) in September 1843, at the age of 13 months.

William was buried at the Potter’s Field Cemetery, at the corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets in Toronto, on September 14, 1843. That cemetery was closed in 1855 and the remains were removed to other cemeteries between 1855 and 1881. We don’t know where William’s body was taken.


We don’t know William’s middle name, only his middle initial.

“Benson” is the only name that runs in the family and begins with “B” (after Hannah Benson, little William’s grandmother).

So there’s a good chance his full name was William Benson Warner.


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