Seventh Generation: James Rix Warner < Cecil James Warner < Harold Rix Warner < James Warner < William Warner< William Warner < William Warner

My 1st cousin once removed

James Rix Warner was the son of Cecil James Warner and his wife Jessie Margaret Chase. He was born in Toronto on September 4, 1942.

He married Ruth Irene Allen Puddicombe. They had one child:

  1. Michelle Denise “Shelley” Puddicombe*

James died on January 4, 1994 at the age of 51. He was buried with his parents at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.


* It appears that Shelley was the child of her mother’s previous marriage, but multiple sources describe her as James Warner’s daughter, not his stepdaughter (you can find more detail about this on her page).

In this spirit, I have included her as James’s daughter in this Warner family tree.


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