Third Generation: Emma Norton < Martha Warner < William Warner

Emma was the daughter of Martha Warner and Miles Norton and was born in Kelfield, Yorkshire on May 20, 1822 and baptized in Stillingfleet, Yorkshire on June 10, 1822.

She married George Louis Simpson in Hemingbrough, Yorkshire on April 27, 1845.

They had six children that we know of:

  1. Ann Warner Simpson
  2. John Simpson
  3. Miles Simpson
  4. Mary E. Simpson
  5. Sarah I. Simpson
  6. Lewis G. Simpson

Emma is my first cousin, five times removed. I haven’t yet done the research necessary to capture the stories of her children and their descendants but if you’re interested in this branch of the family, please let me know (via this link) and I’ll move it to the top of my to-do list.