Sixth Generation: Allen Williams Tagg < Emma Maria Williams < Hannah Maria Warner < William Warner < William Warner < William Warner

My 2nd cousin twice removed

Allen Williams Tagg was the son of Emma Maria Williams an David Tagg. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 26, 1897.

He never married and had no children.

Allen died of pulmonary tuberculosis, in Warrenton, Oregon on September 17, 1926, at the age of 29. He was buried at the Clatsop Plains Pioneer Cemetery in Warrenton.


His entry in the US census for 1920 shows Allen, at the age of 23, to be an inmate of the Oregon State Insane Asylum in Salem.

Oregon State Insane Asylum, 1881 (Wikipedia Commons)

On Allen’s death certificate, in the field where his “occupation or trade” is to be entered, no occupation is given. Instead, the entry says “Sick from Childhood.”