Seventh Generation: William James Warner < Ralph Ira Warner < William James Warner < James Warner < William Warner< William Warner < William Warner

My 2nd cousin once removed

William James Warner was the son of Ralph Ira Warner and Vera Irene Henrich. He was born in Detroit on February 6 or 7, 1915.*

He married Clara Rose Uschwald in Detroit on June 8, 1940. They had one child:

  1. WJW (living)

William died in Grosse Pointe, Michigan on June 23, 1986, and was buried at White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery in Troy, Michigan. You can visit his grave (virtually) here.

L to R: Ralph Ira Warner, Anna Elizabeth Otto, Clara Uschwald, William James Warner Sr, on June 8, 1940, the day of Clara and William’s marriage (click to enlarge)


* William’s Michigan death record and Social Security records say that his birthday was February 7, but his World War II draft card says it was February 6.


The photo above is in the possession of WJW (living), William’s son.