Fourth Generation: James Warner < [First name unknown] Warner < William Warner < William Warner

My 1st cousin 4 times removed

James Warner was the grandson of William Warner and Hannah Benson. His parents’ names are unknown. He was born in Montreal on January 11, 1832.

He married Phillipina Brey in Marion County, Oregon on December 31, 1866. They had three children:

  1. Walter Brey Warner
  2. May W. Warner
  3. Clara E. Warner

James died in Salem, Oregon on March 6, 1897, and was buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery in Salem.

Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon, March 7, 1897, p 5 (Newspapers.com)
The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, March 6, 1897, p 4 (Newspapers.com)


James’s connection to our branch of the Warner family is proven by DNA evidence. My father and I share DNA sequences in common with one of his great granddaughters (Edith, my fourth cousin once removed).

For a fuller explanation please refer to the entry for James’s father and to the post below.

James’s brother Robert gave one of his daughters “Benson” as a middle name. This reinforces the hypothesis that Robert and James were grandsons of William Warner and Hannah Benson.

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