Our 18-year-old cousin, Elizabeth Warner of Royal Oak, Michigan, has a lot to teach us about how to deal with a health crisis.

She shared her experience and her advice recently in an article on the website of the Bonnell Foundation.

You can read the article here.

Elizabeth and her twin sister Catherine are also both members of the “Social Distance Squad” – a unique group of young people with a background that makes them experts on social distancing.

The two very talented sisters are six times great granddaughters of our ancestors William Warner (1808-1845) and Sarah Leitch (about 1805-1893), who immigrated to Canada from England in the late 1820s.

Their three times great grandfather was Ralph Ira Warner (1884-1953), the stepson, and later the adopted son, of William James Warner (1857-1929). William James Warner was William and Sarah’s grandson and left Canada to live in Detroit in 1892.

Although the relationship is a distant one (Elizabeth is my third cousin, twice removed), I’m proud to know she’s a member of the Warner family.

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