I’ve been researching my family tree since the 1980s, but it was about a decade ago that I began to concentrate on my father’s side of the family.

Since then, I’ve found so much interesting information and so many interesting stories (interesting to me, at least) that I wanted to do whatever I could to expand, organize, and share what I’ve learned.

My first impulse was to write a book.

As I write this in 2020, the book is about half done. I’m sure I’ll finish it someday, but I have now turned to the Internet as a more immediate way to share.

The Primary Audience: Harley and Helen’s Descendants

My original thinking was that my tiny audience would consist of my father, my uncle, my brother and his family, and my first cousins and their families, all of us descended from my paternal grandparents, Harley Warner (1896-1978) and Helen Price (1897-1967).

The primary audience: some of my first cousins and closer relatives, and their families (December 2011). The white-haired gentleman is my late uncle, Harley Warner Jr.

My father (who passed away in 2017) and my uncle (whom we lost the following year) are, sadly, no longer part of my audience. I am forever glad that I was able to share much of what I had learned about their family with them while they were still with us.

I am equally glad that I was able to hear them tell some of their own stories, and those of their parents and grandparents, before those stories were lost forever.

The Secondary Audience: William and Sarah’s Descendants

As things progressed, online research tools improved and I was able to identify, and in some cases get in touch with, a number of second, third, and fourth cousins.

Some of them are here in Ontario and some are as far away as Michigan, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Oregon.

These more distant cousins broadened the potential audience considerably. They also broadened the range of interesting stories: some inspirational, some scandalous, and many exceedingly sad.

Together, this very extended family is all descended from my three times great grandparents, William Warner (1807-1845) and Sarah Leitch (about 1805-1893).

They’re the couple who are featured on this website’s home page.

And Maybe a Still Broader Audience? Fifth and Sixth Cousins

It is only in the last year that DNA evidence, combined with documentary research by myself and others, has allowed me to determine with confidence who my paternal-line four and five times grandparents were.

Based on that work, I now know that I’m descended from a man named William Warner who was probably born in the mid-1750s, and who married Elizabeth White in Howden, Yorkshire on October 20, 1776.

My five times great grandparents, William Warner and Elizabeth White, were married in Howden, Yorkshire in 1776. It was probably here, at the Minster Church of St Peter and St Paul.

William and Elizabeth’s descendants, some still in the United Kingdom, many in North America, and some as far away as Australia, include the most distant cousins I have been able to identify.

Although my fifth and sixth cousins probably have very little interest in me and my immediate family, there may be a few who are interested in the distant ancestors that we share.

My hope is that at some of them will stumble across this site as they do their own genealogical research, and that they will be able to use it to complete their own stories.

Paul Warner
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
July, 2020